The Project

What is this?

The “Towards a Digital Dante Encyclopedia” is a three years Italian National Research Project, started in 2013, which aims at building a prototypical digital library endowed with services supporting scholars in creating, evolving and consulting a digital encyclopedia of Dante Alighieri and of his works. The digital library is based on a semantic representation of Dante’s works and of the knowledge embedded in them in RDF language, a language recommended by the W3C for the representation of knowledge. Currently, using our web application scholars can:

  • visualize data about Dante's primary sources;
  • visualize data about authors cited by Dante in his works;
  • visualize data about thematic areas that characterize the Dante's primary sources;
  • visualize data about types of reference.

The automatic visualization of data about Dante's primary sources allows to explore the dynamics of the multi-faceted culture of Dante in relation to the diverse and often conflicting stages of his biography and to study the evolution in time of Dante’s cultural background.



Cited Works

Primary Sources cited by Dante in his works.


Cited Authors

Authors cited by Dante in his works.


Thematic Areas

Thematic areas that characterize the primary sources.

History of the Project

2013 - 2016

  • 2013

    Ontology creation. Ontology population: Convivio.

  • 2014

    Ontology population: Monarchia, De vulgari eloquentia, Vita Nova and Vita Nuova. First demo of DanteSource web application.

  • 2015

    Work in progress - Ontology population: Rime, Egloge, Epistole. Graphic restyling of the web application and addition of new functionalities.

  • 2016 be continued?