Dante's Primary Sources

What you can do

Using our web application you can visualize the list and the distribution of Dante's primary sources. You can also find data about the authors Dante refers to in his works and the thematic areas that characterize primary sources.

You can also visualize where in Dante's works a specific primary source, author or thematic area is cited. Until now, the works of Dante you can search are: Convivio, De vulgari eloquentia, Monarchia, Rime, Vita Nova (Gorni's commentary) and Vita Nuova (De Robertis's commentary).

What we do

What is DanteSources?

DanteSources is a tool that allows you to retrieve information about Dante's primary sources. DanteSources allows you to visualize through tables and charts the list and the distribution of primary sources, authors and thematic areas cited by Dante in his works.


DanteSources is the result of a collaboration between ISTI-CNR and the Department of Philology, Literature e Linguistics of the University of Pisa.


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